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9 Songs I'm Listening to Today

And now for something completely different...

I'm still sick, seriously this is getting old! So, all my plans were today were ruined. Instead, I am stuck at home. That doesn't mean I am bored, I've been listening to some of my favorites today! Here is what I have been rocking out to lately!​

  • The Next Messiah, Jenny Lewis: I love this lady, everything she does! No matter what band or solo stuff she is doing chances are I will be all over it. 


  • Does He Love You: Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis again! But this time with her old band Rilo Kiley. I'm still heartbroken they broke up! 


  • The Mariners' Revenge Song: The Decemberists: Probably my favorite band, the use of accordion in this song is amazing! A music journalist once described Colin's singing as being "Donkey Voiced" I think he should take this as a compliment! 



  • Make You Pop: Diplo & Don Diablo: Zanger Rinus and Debora are our youtube sensations here in The Netherlands. Diplo & Don Diablo sent them their next single and this is what was made. Still would rather watch this than Justin Bieber! 


  • Mama Said Knock You Out: Alyson Greenfield: When I first discovered this song thanks to RubyFruit Radio, I tweeted that it was like LL and Tori Amos had a baby. Ms. Greenfield read the tweet and responded that she really liked being called that. While looking for the Youtube video I ran across a matchup of LL Cool J and Dexi Midnight Riders.

  • Crazy in Love: Antony and The Johnsons: Guess it is just a cover kind of day. But seriously the voice of an angel. 


  • True Affection: The Blow: Perpetually stuck in my head! 


  • One More Cup of Coffee: Bob Dylan: The first song I heard of Bob Dylan's when it wasn't my parents forcing me to listen to him. It holds a special place for me. I saw Bob in concert two years ago, somehow he's still got it.



What are you listening to this week? 



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