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Links I Love Vol. 5 Why You Should Visit Holland.

Links I Love

In the year and a half that I have lived in the Netherlands, the Verlo and I have had two guests. My mom and my godmother. This makes me really sad, because I miss my friends and family and I love it here so much, I want to show everyone my life. I understand though, if I would have followed a traditional path in life, I would have graduated with the rest of my friends at the height of the recession. We are all trying to figure out how to bounce back from entering the job market at a terrible time. I also come from the South, where compared to other places in the Western World, people get married and have babies at a much younger age. I'm so proud of the lives my friends are carving out for themselves. And, I know that how eventually I will have money to make it back to visit them more often (I'm going back for the first time in August) they too will eventually save and make it over here as well. 

A little incentive never hurts though right? Here is this great video on why Holland is awesome. I hope that this video will not only inspire those of you who are my friends to come visit, but also those of you I don't actually know, who want to learn more about the Netherlands.



Friday Links I Love Vol 3

I have officially turned into my mother. I don't know if it is homesickness or nostalgia, but lately I have been listening to a lot of bluegrass, folk and old school country. For years, I would bellyache on car trips when it was mom's turn to pick the music, my worst nightmares would be hearing Bonnie Raitt, Emmy Lou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt with my mom singing with her low, low singing voice. Yes, I was a pain in the ass, ungrateful teenager. Now I quite like my mom's singing. 

Lately, however I have found that my taste in music has ventured towards good ol' Americana. Mixed in with my Rilo Kiley, Decemberists, and Pixies playlists, Woody Guthrie, Dolly Parton, Old Crow Medicine Band, even Bonnie Ratt and Emmy Lou have found a place. My mother would be so proud. 

There are not a lot of links in this post, I basically just wanted to tell you that I joined the new Myspace, and I actually really like it there! Sure, it needs time to grow, but it is a really great space to discover new music. Won't you join me there? I'm hoping they can get more artists to join, because their influences section is spot on. 

What have you been listening to lately?

Oh and in case you are wondering, I only got to make one of the meals I was planning for this week. The Korean Beef, it was super yummy and incredibly easy to make. I highly recommend it, even though I only had two bites because I was a klutz and dumped all mine on the floor and broke a plate. 


Friday Links I Love Vol.2- Meal Plan Edition.

Links I Love

I can't believe it has been a week since the last time I talked to you guys. To be fair, as the Verlo pointed out last night, he hadn't seen me in a week either. Clearly something has got to change if I haven't had a home cooked meal in about a month.Luckily, next week is a welcome break. I have the whole week off of school to celebrate my favorite Dutch holiday, and I am only working three days! Looks like it is time to go back to my meal planning ways, which is what today's links I love is all about. Sharing with you the recipes I am going to make for the upcoming week. I am so excited to be cooking y'all.


Let's start with Sunday. Since I am going to go see some of my wonderful friends at O'Leary's play traditional Irish folk songs, I think I am going to en the day with Guinness Soup from My Baking Addiction.

I'm working Monday night, so this will be a great thing to bring for my lunch. For the rest of the week, I am planning on making this Honey Chicken Salad from Running to the Kitchen for lunch.

Tuesday is Queen's Day and I will be gone all day and drunk-this is what you on Queen's Day, don't pretend otherwise.

Wednesday I am thinking of trying some Korean Beef from Lizzy Writes. Quick and easy since May 1st should be known as National Dutch Hangover Day.

Thursday I am also thinking quick an easy with this Chicken and Kale Casserole from Serious Eats and Martha Stewart. I'm in such a kale mood lately, that I may even make some Kale Chips to snack on, you can make the 10 different ways from Refinery 29. Did I tell you that I joined a gym?

Saturday I am working and the weekends are normally when the Verlo takes over dinner. Yep, I have a good one! I'll let you know how everything turns out since I have never made these recipes before. And, I promise next week you will once again be a priority in my life.



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