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Links I Love Vol.6

Links I Love

Yesterday I promised that I would introduce you to the lovely ladies of our May's expat brunch.Some of these ladies you have met before, some are going to be new. Go follow them, I love them all. I especially love that unlike some other groups I have been apart of, this group has yet to turn into a negative complaining place. I want it to stay this way forever. 

First up is my co-host, Lily of Lily Wanderlust. I feel like all my crazy stories here in the Netherlands have her in a co-starring role. We are trouble when we get together. But the best kind of trouble. Go forth and read about my bestie. 

Amanda of Poppies and Ice Cream is just one of the sweetest girls on the planet. She is also incredibly smart, as someone who has never been particularly good at science, I am in awe over her scientific knowledge. And she is an awesome baker, which is the key to my heart. 

Gaby of Holland Daze is my sunny ray of California sunshine. She is just so warm and caring. She is one of the first expats I met here and I am so glad that we are still friends! Somehow I never get to talk to her as much as I want. We need to fix this Gaby!

Emily of Dutch Tales is a Southern girl like me. I am uber impressed by how much she has been able to do in just her few short months of being here. She's bought a car and learned how to drive a stick shift. And, she landed a job that can actually turn into a career, virtually unheard of for an expat here because she married a Dutch guy! I'm also excited because we have discovered she lives even closer to me than we thought! 

And now for the new introductions:

Shoshannah of Awesome Amsterdam is one of those people who can make friends anywhere she goes. Her blog highlights some of the awesome places and things to do in Amsterdam. There are so many cool things to discover on her blog.

Mary of Pick the Wild Card is Scottish and a teaching assistant. Sadly, she is leaving the Netherlands for Germany, but with a stopover back in Scotland for a bit. She is a very sweet girl and you should take the time to read about her adventures. 

Christa of the daily pin is an awesome lady and mother who lives in Eindhoven. I love that we have some mom's in the group to answer all of our burning questions about raising a family abroad if/when the rest of us reach that phase in our lives. You can also find her here.

Candi of Candiland is a recent transplant to the North near Groningen, which lamely I still haven't been to. Candi is awesome and so fun and crafty. Maybe one day I can even get her to teach me how to sew, which I have been wanting to learn for years. Go check out her fun blog.

There you are, some of my favorite ladies who call the same rich country that is the size of Maryland that I do. Go check them out! 

Who are your favorite expat bloggers?

Until next time!



Friday Links I Love Vol. 1

Links I Love

I read an impossible number of blogs. After all, I was an Online Content Manager in another life. I am obsessed and if any of my favorite bloggers recommend another blog, I will not hesitate to read them. Which is why I decided to spread the love around and have a Links I Love post on Fridays. I think it is only fitting that my first edition would be based on the ladies who attended mine and Lily's Expat Blogger Brunch. I honestly love reading these ladies blogs, and I think you will enjoy them as well.

Lily of Lily Wanderlust: Whether she is writing about daily life in Amsterdam, or sharing some of her great travel adventures, Lily is such a vibrant and energetic person and that even translates very well on her blog. She also loves Amsterdam and loves to show of some of the different sides of the city that you have to be a local to know about. 

Monique of Mo Travels: Mother, runner, social media enthusiast, expat. These are just some of the things that descibe Monique. Check out her blog for all her travels and to see what life is like for an expat who has really established roots.

Allison of The Nomad Cooks: After spending a few years in Asia, Allison is making a pit stop in Amsterdam before moving on to other places. Take in her blog for all her marvelous adventures. 

Amanda of Poppies and Ice Cream and Tartas y Pinceles: Amanda is a truly sweet girl from Mexico who now lives with her hubby in Den Haag (The Hague) You can follow her personal blog, or check out her new business venture, CAKES! 

Emily of  The Dutch Tales: Fresh off the boat and living in my neck of the Netherlands, check out Emily's newly established blog for another view on the surrounding Utrecht area. 

Sarah of Life in a State of Wanderlust: You may remember Sarah from my For the Love of Travel Series. She just recently moved from the South of the Netherlands to the beautiful town of Haarlem. She loves soccer and Spanish and really misses cheez-its. Don't we all!

Gaby of Holland Daze: Gaby was one of the first expats I met here in the Netherlands. In fact, we even started talking on twitter before I moved! Gaby lives in Den Haag. I love her blog and maybe if I get her some more hits she will start blogging again more often?

Who are your favorite bloggers? 



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