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New Bed Spread!

Loek and I have slightly different design aesthetics, after all he is male and Dutch; which basically means he is very logic and utilitarian in his choices. I on the other hand, am an American. Even though, I never thought of myself as a consumer driven person, according to Loek- I want too much. But more on that later.
When I move to Utrecht, I will be moving into a brand new apartment. Now, most places in the Netherlands, when you rent them that means basically you get a box. It is up to the tenant to put in the floor and the light fixtures as well as any appliances. With so much to think about and the possibilities being endless; is it really a wonder I change my mind hourly about what I want our place to look like?
While I was in Utrecht in April, Loek and I decided on what bed we are going to buy for our new place. Our only new furniture purchase for a while because we have a wedding to plan and I will be unemployed for a while. Since then, the conversation about the color of our room has been endless. Our room is going to be tiny but with two huge windows so light will not be a problem ( ie, it will not feel cave like). 
Finally yesterday I took the plunge and bought a duvet cover from Urban Outfitters- thank you summer sale and free shipping to my house in the States, now I just have to decide what color to paint the room. What do you think readers? 

As a complete aside, Urban Outfitters had fantastic customer service today. I bought this yesterday for $79.99 and when I showed it off today it was $49.99. They are crediting the difference, that is awesome! So nice!
Image from Urban Outfitters 


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