bike riding in Holland

I Want to Ride My Bicycle. I Want to Ride My Bike.

Have you heard about the Dutch and their bicycles? I can assure you that is one stereotype that is 100% true. Dutch people ride bikes, be they 80 years old, 3 on the back of their mother’s bikes or like 9 months pregnant. There is even a story about the Germans stealing Dutch Bicycles during WW2.
What is not to love right, Holland is the perfect place for a leisurely bike ride. The country is almost completely flat and there are these great bike lanes, separated from the cars (Imagine that America) that makes getting around on a bike super convenient. Unfortunately, this posses a problem for me. The last time I was on a bicycle I was 16, so about 9 years ago. I went Mountain Biking with my first real boyfriend because I wanted to be impressive. I wasn’t. Since then, I have been a little scared to get on a bike, I have an innate sense of protection of my body from anything that could cause physhical pain. Plus, riding a bike in most states, Georgia included is terrifying. I mean you have to ride in the road, with the cars! Needless to say, I am slightly embarrassed by this fact and am afraid that I will be laughed at when I try in the Netherlands. I am sure there will be lots of falling down and scraped elbows. Not to mention, even when I was little, using the brakes was never something I was able to do effectively. And, I know there is that expression when you do something that you haven’t done in a long time it is like riding a bicycle. Well, that is a bunch of crap. You aren’t just instantly able to get back into it.
However, I really do like the idea of riding a bicycle. I always really wanted to be in the scene in Wedding Crasher where Rachel McAdams character is riding her bike serenely. She seems so carefree sans helmet. I picture being able to do this and what my bike will look like. It will be a lady bike of course, with a basket for flowers in the front and a saddle bag on the back for groceries. I am not too picky about color, I just want it to be feminine. I would ride it everywhere-to the City Center of Utrecht, around Lisse along the flower fields.,up to the coast. My bike and I will be inseparable, especially since I will not have a car for the first time in 10 years. If only I could get over myself and learn to ride. Do you think if there were more places to ride your bike in the States you would?


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