Zumba in Front of the Dom

Sometimes, you stumbled upon marvelous things in Utrecht. One Sunday a month, the city hosts Culturele Zondag, (Cultural Sunday). Most of them have theme's, I missed the last two months, but I wrote about March's. This month's theme had to do with Dance. There were different stages of set up all over the city for different dance troops to perform, the only problem is that it was freezing and raining here on Sunday. We are talking in the 50's!

The Verlo- and I did venture out for a bit, where we came across a Zumba lesson going on right in the Domplein.

This is the instructor who worked really hard to get the crowd into it!

The crowd really got into it! Including me, although there is no evidence of that.

On Saturday, Utrecht celebrated its 890th birthday. Although, the city is much older than that. This booth was set up to have people make flags in honor of the city. They are to be hanged all over. 

Despite the freak out Monday and Tuesday, I can't imagine myself happier in any other place.




Culturele Zondag is the victim of budget cuts. It's no longer every month, so I don't think you missed it the last two months. I was going to go check it out Sunday, but the weather really put me off.
I was there early on Saturday and saw them setting up, but didn't see what all the final booths and stages looked like. It's a shame I missed the flag one. That looks fun. :)

Glad things are looking up and you are enjoying where you live. Sounds really fun! :)