You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I would like to thank the Academy, the city of Utrecht, and Kelly from Sew Alluring for this Award. 
It is always a fantastic feeling to know that people actually like what you are doing! So, this morning I was thrilled to find out that I was nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award from Kelly at Sew Alluring. In case you can't tell from the name, Kelly's blog deals with sewing. Her projects are adorable and her step-by-step guides make it so that even a novice like me, wants to convince her fiance that we need to find space in our apartment for a sewing table. Seriously, check it out! 
After you are nominated, you are supposed to tell your readers some interesting facts about yourself, and nominate six other blogs that you think are awesome! So, here it goes:
Fun Facts: 

  • I can lick my own elbow. One day after school my friends and I were reading a candy wrapper( it could have been a Snapple top) and it said that it was a fact that humans can not lick their own elbow. I decided to prove it wrong and I did. 
  • I have an incredibly strong constitution and can eat almost any food in the morning, even those that make others sqeam at the thought of, but I can't eat until after I have been up for at least 20 minutes. Case in point, I ate a haring last Friday at 10:30 in the morning. (more on this in a later post).
  • I think Kristen Stewart is a better actor than most people give her credit for. Hear me out on this one, I'm not saying she is the Meryl Streep of this generation or anything, just that Stephanie Meyer is not a good writer. In the Twilight Series, no one is a good actor because the material is shite. But, if you look at Adventureland, Welcome to The Rileys, or even The Runaways, you see a much different Kristen. Is she still awkward? Yes, but she makes it work for those rolls. It will be really interesting to see her as Snow White, but seriously, why doesn't she speak in any of the trailers?
  • When I was younger, my favorite day all year would be when we got our school supply lists and could go shopping. I had this love for school supplies that was just weird. It has translated into adulthood and office supplies. I haven't grown to like the binders here with their 2 or 4 holes and their notebook paper with holes all down the side. I miss 3 rings! 
  • My favorite word in Nederlands (Dutch) so far is sleutels. It means keys. 
  • After dying my hair religously since the 7th grade. I decided to stop last year so I could say for a fact what my natural hair color is. And you know what, I actually like it. Just in time to learn I am going gray. Figures! 

Now on to my nominees: 
Let's start with the Expats in The Netherlands: 

  • A Flamingo in Utrecht: Alison is an American Expat who lives in the center of Utrecht. She has been here for over 3 years and is always in the know about what is going on in my new city. Anything from new store openings to festivals. I have yet to figure out how she does it!
  • Lily Wanderlust: Her headline says it all: Photographs and Stories of Globetrotting, Vegetarian Treats, and Her Life Abroad. She just returned to Amsterdam from a trip back to the States and South Africa. (It's okay, you can hate her a little and want to be her friend at the same time).
  • Invading Holland: An accident prone, ginger, englishman who now makes his home in Holland. Oh, and he draws comics of his adventures. 

Other blogs: 

  • Word Zeal: An amazing blog dedicated to words and writers. If you love words and writing even just a little, I promise you will find something worth reading on it. Interesting factoid, before I knew Lindsay's name I called her Luna. Those of you who know how much I love Harry Potter will see this for the huge compliment that it is. 
  • Parenthetical Views: A blog for readers, Chasity shares her insights of some of the best known and little known books. 
  • Traveling Girl with a Suitcase Heart: Stephanie is on her second year of teaching English in Spain. She shares her experience there. Stephanie is one of the nicest people in the entire world. 

Good job everyone! 
Thanks again Kelly for the award! And thank you my readers for allowing me to share some of my favorite blogs with you!
What is on your blog reading lists? 



I am sooooo proud of you!! ANd if I wasn't your mom, I would still like your blogs...

Thanks mom! 

Thanks so much for nominating my daughter, Stephanie's blog, Traveling Girl with a Suitcase Heart.  She's on a weekend trip. I'm sure she'll be in touch very soon. 
Thank you again,

No problem JoAnn! I was in CCF with Steph, she's awesome and I really need to go visit her! 
Thanks for commenting! 

It's good to hear that I am not the only one who had a strange like for school supplies as a child. 
Thank you for the award :D

Are the binders in England like here or in the US? And you are welcome! 

Thanks Kaitlin, very kind of you to add my blog. Looking forward to our adventure on Tuesday! :)

You're welcome! Me too! 

Awww, thanks for the nom and the nice words! Which reminds me, I need to do a bit of digging to see what's coming up in town. ;)