You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

I am furious! At first, I wasn't sure if I should talk about this on here, because I try to be really positive in both life and on my blog. I am a big believer that we are as happy as we want to be. However, after much thought, I think that I will feel better if I talk about it. 

Yesterday, a complete stranger called me a stupid American c*nt. Seriously! I don't really want to go into specifics, but this was a middle aged British man who knew full well what that word means and how awful it is. Why on Earth would anyone every call someone this? Especially over a small, non-issue. It's just hurtful. 

I acted very classy and got myself away from the situation, but what I wish I would have said was:

Words are hurtful, and they say much more about the person who says things like this than the person they are said to or about. After I left, and calmed down because I was so pissed I was visibly shaking, I couldn't help but be really thankful that I only have to listen to the filth that this man spews once. However, this man had to have had a mother, a grandmother, perhaps a sister, maybe a wife, and the worst thought of all a daughter, who might have to deal with his mood swings and misogyny on a daily basis.

What motivates people to be so nasty? Why on Earth do people think that it is okay to say degrading things to another human being? I think I am still in shock because no one has ever called me this before. People don't generally call me names. I guess I'm lucky.

Ladies, if you are with someone who says degrading things like this about other people, remember that they are probably saying the same things about you when you are not there. Fellas, there is not a word that anyone can call you that can even compare to how awful being called the c word is, don't use it.

Okay, off my soapbox now. I feel better. Thanks for sticking around why I vented. What do you think? Is it okay to call someone a c*nt? 



I generally think that namecalling is unproductive. And I don't like gendered slurs. Calling a random stranger a gendered slur because of something small and insignificant is way out of line, in my opinion. He should've had his mouth washed out with soap. 
While there is no excuse for rudeness, it's possible for people to respond out of character because they're in a bad place. He may have taken out his frustration about an unrelated topic on you. Who knows, he may have lost his job, his child may be seriously ill or maybe he was in pain and what happened (no matter how trifling) set him off in an inappropriate way without it being, in a sense, personal.
I also don't think that a single outburst of rudeness is indicative of a person always being rude. I've definitely had rude moments, and have been responded to rudely even though neither I, nor the person responding to me are routinely mean and terrible people. It's just, when the rude outburst is your only interaction with a person, they do come across as total asshats. 
Anyway. I'm sorry that someone was rude to you. It always sucks when that happens. Hopefully it'll be a long time before it happens again. Should you encounter something like that again, though:  I really like the title of your post as a comeback to such uncalled for remarks!

I generally don't think that one instance of being rude does not a rude person make. And, had it been any other word, it would not have really bothered me. But to me, the C word is the worse thing a man can call a woman and to go from zero to the C word, makes me think that he is just generally a jerk. Thank you for your encouragement though! I would have loved to have said it!

No it's not ok.
Your reaction was admirable, so good for you! Being the bigger person can be so hard though. I'm currently "dealing" with a situation that leaves me wanting to say exactly what that GIF says. Being the bigger person can be tough sometimes. I wish people treated each other better, specially when you're just trying to do the best you can. 

I read your post, but I am the worst at commenting on other blogs ever! I am so sorry you are having a hard time as well! Keep your chin up, I have faith it will all work out in the end!

Yikes! I can only imagine how that must of stung. Just reading this made me uncomfortable. I agree, it doesn't get worse than the c word! I've never had someone call me a name so I can't imagine what I would of said. I'm better at witty retorts about an hour after any kind of confrontation. I'm really sorry you had this experience and hope it never happens again!!!!

I hope it never happens again as well. No one has called me a name since I was about 17, so it was quite shocking to be spoken to that way as an adult. Thanks for your kind thoughts!