The Writing is on the Berlin Wall

Peace Love Unity- East Side Gallery, Berlin

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am reserving my judgment of Berlin until I visit it again on my own. But, I did really really love the East Side Gallery, as much as I loved the artwork, I love the messages written on the wall even more. Here are some of my favorites. 


Dawn of Peace- East Side Gallery, BerlinSuch a beautiful statement!

Drown Investors Dreams- East Side GallerySo glad that for now, there will be no hotel where the gallery stands.

Get Human- East Side Gallery, BerlinGet Human

Many Small Places- East Side Gallery, Berlin

Many Small People Who in Many Small Places Do Many Small Things That Can Alter the Face of the World.

 die bestandigkeit der ignoranz- East Side Gallery, BerlinThe Resistance of Ignorance.

Leave Us Kids Alone- East Side Gallery, Berlin

Love Make Better Persons- East Side Gallery, BerlinYes!

No One But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

Fuck You- East Side Gallery, Berlin

With Silence Comes Peace- East Side Gallery, BerlinNot sure I agree with this. 

So Stark Und Dochverletzbar Das Volk, Der Mensch Der Wald Der Baum

Trust in Life- East Side Gallery, BerlinTrust. 

He Who Wants the World to Remain- East Side Gallery, Berlin

I Want This Place to Stay Like it is Now.

I hope you enjoyed the messages as much as I do. Which one resonates with you the most?




I was in Berlin for the first time two years ago. I really loved the city. It was very weird to think of all the stuff that went on there in the past. Especially when face to face with the remains of the wall.