Weekly Wishes Vol 4

Weekly Wishes 4 A Georgia Peach Abroad

Welkom bij de wekelijkse wensen bericht. I am of course linking up with Melyssa of the Nectar Collective. Each week, you are meant to make new small goals to accomplish. This week is going to be busy, so I might have a goal for each day left.

Tuesday: Have an awesome first Dutch lesson. I finally found someone to do private lessons with me and my first class is tomorrow. I think we will mostly discuss what level I am at, during the first class. I have high hopes so let's hope I study my butt off and we can see some real improvement.

Wednesday: Not get too emotional and enjoy my goodbye lunch with my Netherlands BFF. Seriously kid, I am going to miss you probably an unhealthy amount. 

Thursday: Write a blog post, because I need to do those more regularly.

Friday: Somehow start my novel for NaNoWriMo, work my full shift and attend ladies night with my colleagues.

What do you think, doable?

Post Script: I was carded today at the grocery store while buying wine. The legal age to drink beer and wine in this country, 16. A full 11 years younger than I am.



Until next time,


The Nectar Collective



Awesome goals! Definitely doable. I'm excited for your first Dutch lesson, I'm also in the process of finding a private teacher so I'm hoping that happens soon. Let me know how it goes!
I admire you guys who attempt NaNoWriMo!! My sister did it last year and I'm quite certain I couldn't get past the first chapter! Best of luck!

Very ambitious with daily goals! But it should be doable (but I'd bet that Wednesday and Friday might be hard). Good luck with all of them.

Doable, probably.. if you'd be serious about it. :)
Hey, what are you writing about?  I checked NanoWriMo, and I'm thinking, maybe I could write a novel too.. since, I'm kinda writing some short stories,. maybe I could expand it upto 50 pages. teehee.
Good luck with your writing, and with your schedules.  :)