Weekly Wishes

Today I am linking up with Melyssa of the Nectar Collective, you might remember her as my first Snail Mail Collective partner. Every Monday, she does a series called Weekly Wishes, which is about focusing on short-term goals. As you guys have probably guessed, I am a huge planner so this appeals to me greatly. Here it goes for this week:

1. Make and put into place plans for blog posts, a study schedule, a meal plan for October, a writing schedule, a new budget and a chore list. I haven't been doing a great job of adjusting now that I have a set schedule and a job to go to full time. This needs to stop because it is wearing me out! 

2. Finish the back loads of laundry I have. I really, really want to donate out about half my wardrobe. Either it doesn't fit, or is old fashion. Plus I have to except the fact that I live in Europe and clothes storage will always be much less than what I had in the States. Plus, people tend to care less if you wear the same thing often.

3. Eat more whole foods. Have you guys watched Forks over Knives? I don't necessarily agree with every single point in the documentary, but some if it is pretty compelling. Plus, I have some medical tests coming up in 2 weeks for some ongoing issues and it can never hurt to eat better right?

What are you wanting to do this week?

Until next time,


The Nectar Collective



Wow, number one totally overwhelmed me! I suck at making such plans so I wish you the best of luck doing it =)

I'm really great at making plans, not so great at keeping them. We'll see how it goes. 

good luck with your goals for the week, especially with all that big planning for october! ive been working on organizing my life a lot lately and even though its REALLY overwhelming at times, its SO worth it once you get into it and actually get that extra free time to relax. 

Thank you, I hope your goals for this week go good as well!

Good Luck with your weekly wish! I am going to give up carbs this week, so I can empathize with your whole foods quest!

Best of luck!

Giving up carbs is hardcore! Best of luck! 

Ah I love getting organised, whether it lasts or not is a different matter.
I brought a 'few' things to help me. Including a magnetic glass board which helps me get organised weekly. This is so I can see when I can blog around work and my lectures.
Good luck with this weeks wishes :) 

Thank Becky! Aren't organizational items the most fun to shop for?