We Need to Talk About the Bathroom Situation...

Bathroom time is not normally something I talk about. However, going to the toilet in the Netherlands is way different than going in the United States. Well, I mean the mechanics are still the same, but using the bathroom here is much more complicated than one might be used to. Also I am an American so to me, bathroom, rest room, toilet are all the same thing. Perhaps, I should clarify. If you can find a public restroom and that is a big IF on most days, you have to pay to get in. 

That's right for the privilege of emptying your bladder whilst not at home or not in a moving train (which I refuse to do) will cost you .50. You better have exact change too. Some places have attendants that can change out a euro or two, but some places just have a machine. Sure some restaurants will let their patrons go for free, but others still charge a fee. The plus side is, the bathrooms are mostly pretty clean. 

On the street, it can be easy to find a urinal for the guys. Although to be fair you could mistake a few for some avant garde statues. So if you are a male, you have a much easier time. Or if you are a lady you could use one of those disgusting lady peeing thing. 

Yep, this is reusable and portable!

The home situation isn't much better. Your toilet will not have a lot of water in the bowl and will have what is called an inspection shelf. You know to examine things. Actually, it is not as bad as it sounds. While you are in the toilet, don't forget to glance at who's birthday is coming up. The Dutch have special verjaardag calendars that list everyone's birthdays for the month and are kept in the bathroom. Actually, this is kind of convenient. 

Another and perhaps the strangest thing that pulls all Dutch bathrooms together be they public or private is the fact that the sinks only have cold water. Ice cold water to be exact. I really can not think of a possible reason for this, so if anyone has any guesses, I'm all ears. 

Sorry if this post is a little crude. However, when you move to a foreign country you are supposed to have culture shock and this happens to be the area that continues to shock me.



I suggest that you look at this funny observation and comments

LOL, I read the site but somehow I missed that post. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get it.

Inspection shelf??? What? I totally had to Google Image that... That's just weird...
As for the fridgid cold sink water only, I've been told that "there's no point in having hot water in the bathroom sink, by the time the water actually gets warm you're done washing your hands!"

What is actually really funny is that in our apartment, we have a shower room and then a toliet room, there is a sink in our shower room where we brush our teeth, and that one has a hot water handle. In the apartment at least the water goes from zero to burning your hands in 30sec flat.