There was a Crooked Woman

Oh how I have missed your faces! I've been knee deep in finishing the semester, finals, and physical therapy. I finally learned what has been plaguing my shoulder for the past two years. I have hypermobility in my joints, which is why I stand like an ostrich. This is causing the ligaments in my shoulder to not flex properly, which causes tension on my joint and irritation. My shoulder blades are also significantly uneven. Yep, I am crooked! 

So, what does this news mean? Basically, it means that I have to work hard on my body and live a more active lifestyle. I have to get out from behind the computer more and be more conscious about my poor posture. I have to work on getting my neck not so stiff first, and then we will work on my body going down. Eventually, I'm hoping to not be in pain, stand with my shoulders back, and not like a circus act. 

I'm not even sure how my body got so messed up. A lot of little bad habits caused a big problem. I used to be so active without having to make an effort to do so. I want to get back to that. I also know that working out in a gym bores me to tears, so I have to find other ways to get in shape. Luckily for me, the Netherlands offers a large variety of adult sports clubs for people of all skill levels. Most of them even allow beginners a few sessions for free.

Now to just pick one. Do you play any sports as an adult? I would love some recommendations! 



I would recommend you Pilates. I've heard it makes miracles! Actually I want to try it myself, but never got the time to go and register somewhere :(

I'm glad you finally figured out what was happening with your body, things can only go up from now! Best of luck with finals and everything else that has you super busy right now!

Ballet....the best thing on earth for posture..

Ouch. Sounds painful. I hope it gets better soon.