There is a New Little Lady in Our Lives

I'm still hanging out in Berlin, but I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family. This is Lulubell. She is four years old and we adopted her from the Utrecht Dieren Asiel, a no kill shelter here in Utrecht. We adopted her at the end of January, but I wanted to give her time to get used to our family before I introduced her to the world. 

When Loek and I went to visit the shelter, we both were not sure what to expect. Loek and I had looked at numerous cats on the website and had a few that we wanted to look at. We first had an interview with the staff at the shelter to make sure that they could match us with a pet that would be a good match for our family. We were then taken to a few  different rooms to look at some possible matches. Lulu was in the last room. When we saw her, we knew she was the one, even though she had a huge attitude and wouldn't come out of her box. Because Lulu was so new to the shelter, she came in on Friday and we saw her on Saturday, it was a few days before we could take her home. 

When I went to get her, it was the first day of major winter weather. Poor kitty had to travel to her new home by bus in the snow. When she first got here, she wasn't so sure about us. She spent a lot of time swatting at us, Loek and I were pretty bloody. In her defense, it was probably a big adjustment for her, former owner to shelter to new home in less than a week. A little over a month later and she is a completely changed cat. She has almost stopped swatting us, she gets nervous sometimes, and she now has a place on the couch between Loek and I. 

If you are looking for a pet in the Utrecht area, I recommend the Utrecht Dieren Aisel. They have both cats and dogs, and your pet will come up to date on shots, fixed, and micro chipped. We even have her pet passport. 

As much fun as pets are, they also need stability and care. So think before you commit. 

We also changed Lulu's name to Lulu, because her other name I as a native English speaker could not say it with a straight face. 

Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter?



She's adorable!

Oh wow, look at that fluff! So cute!

She is super cute

She is lovely!
We have been thinking of adopting a cat for quite a while !
If you ever have any questions let me know :)

Thanks so much guys! We love her, even though there is white fur everywhere in my house!