Thanks Ladies for an Awesome May Expat Brunch

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Our second expat brunch took place last Sunday. I look forward to these brunches all month long. For me, it is a much needed girl's day in a hectic, hectic schedule. What I love the most is the fact that I have a standing date to reconnect with old friends and to meet some great new ladies. I am amazed that so far everyone has meshed so seamlessly together. It is truly a highlight in my life each month.

This time, we all met in Amsterdam and had brunch at the cute Le Pain Quotidien. I had an amazing Goat Cheese Tartine and they serve their coffee in bowls. Personally, I think every place should do so. After brunch, we went out for a few beers before the ladies started heading home. Tomorrow's Links I Love will introduce you to the ladies who attended, you are going to love them!

After everyone left, Lily and I had an adventure on her Dutchman's boat, but that is such a long story it deserves its own post. Finally, we met back up with one of the girl's from brunch for the IAMEXPAT party and dinner at Va pianos. Va pianos is by far my favorite pizza place in the Netherlands, too bad they don't have them in Utrecht!

June's blogger brunch is going to be at a Mexican restaurant in Leiden, suggested by our own resident Mexican expat Amanda! We would love to see you there! If you want to get on the mailing list for our expat blogger brunches, send an email to

Warm Goat Cheese Tartine

My brunch

Friends be warned, I take weird photos

My pizza!



It really was super fun. And I concur, coffee, and hot chocolate should be served in bowls!
It is super nice to meet other expats, to share our experiences, and to just hangout and have some girly fun. Thanks to you and Lily for organizing!

That was such an action packed Sunday Funday, I'm still recovering! I love our expat blogger brunch group and look forward to them too (duh!) 
Ummm, if you have any photo evidence of me hanging on to the side of the canal to keep the boat from smashing and crashing then please share! But, I'm pretty sure you were hiding in the cabin the entire time...Ha! 

Yup, still jealous of this! lol... Glad you guys had fun! :)