The Oh So Brief Dutch Summer.

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This summer has been a tough adjustment for a girl who grew up in the Southern United States. Most of the time, it has been rainy, jacket weather. Last weekend however, it was in the 90's here. It was even too hot for me because very few places have AC here in The Netherlands. The sunshine would not last as it is supposed to be back to its normal rainy self here. Just in time for my mom to visit. But, I do have the photos to remind me of the beautiful, but oh so brief summer weather. Here are some snapshots I took around Utrecht.


I love exploring this city! How was your summer?




i'm not a fan of the rain, but i'll take today's cool breeze over that dreadful upper 90s mess any time! lol i was definitely born in the wrong tropic zone! bring on the sweater weather! hope your verjaardag was leuk!

Last weekend's weather was GREAT! Now, if only we could duplicate that at least once more before autumn arrives...!!

This summer has been weired. I'm sure we used to have better ones.
Nice photos.