My First Queen's Day!

Monday was my first Queen's Day! For those of you who haven't experienced it, think of it like a giant block party, only every block in the entire country is having a party and a garage sale at the same time. Now combine that with boats, and the color orange, and epic levels of intoxication. Then you'll get the general idea. 

Since this year was my first Queen's Day experience, we decided to go up to Amsterdam to really experience it! My friend Amanda and her husband came with us, and we met up with my girl Lily, some of her friends, and our new blogging bud Sherisa

We mostly hung out in the grassy knoll of the weteringcircuit-

Then an entire parade of Hare Krishna's passed. Their outfits were so beautiful to go along with the orange theme-

Eventually, the newbies decided to go explore the city.-

Then we found this, we didn't eat there, but it is on my to do list-

And at the Museumplein-

I thought it was nice that they had some volunteers to pick up trash-

Eventually, The Verlo and I had enough of walking around, so we went back and found Lily, who I totally jacked this photo from- 

As you can see, it was an awesome day! Start planning your visit now kids! 



I had a blast hanging out with you in the Big A. :-) The pictures are awesome and so full of life. Keep it up!

What a fun day!!! :)

Glad you were able to experience Queen's Day!  I've lived here for almost 10yrs now and it remains my favorite Dutch holiday!  :) Danica Martin

It certainly is a good one! Thanks for stopping by! 

What fun that this was your first K-day! And what fun to happen upon your blog tonight - it's always such a pleasure to happen upon fellow US transplants to Utrecht. (: 

Yay for Utrecht! I am glad you found it! 

Queens day is amazing. Good to hear you enjoyed it.