March Photo Challenge: Day 7: Something That I Wore

"What do you mean, you are bringing 12 pairs of shoes?" Loek said, when I told him what I was packing to bring to live in The Netherlands. 

" What do you mean, you are only bringing 12 pairs of shoes" My American friends would ask. 

Honestly, compared to most girls I know, 12 seemed like a small number. I wasn't sure what Loek was complaining about. But now that I live in the reality that is my life in The Netherlands, I do feel a bit silly about the 15 pairs of shoes that eventually made it into my suitcases. You see, I've worn the same shoes almost everyday this winter. My flat, pleater, combat boots. There is a perfectly logically explanation for this: Its cold here, people don't pick up after their dogs, it rains, like all the time! They are comfy, and I walk all the time. I can't walk in heels in the best circumstances, and there are cobblestones here. See, there are in fact several reasons! 

When it gets slightly warmer, I will try to wear my favorite brand of shoes, TOMS again. They are the most comfortable shoes in the world. But they are made out of canvas, so alas, I will only be wearing them on days that I check the weather forecast. If you don't like the look of traditional Toms, they just came out with a line of ballet flats for the Spring. I've owned 7 pairs of Toms and I am uber excited about this. So if anyone wants to supply me with a pair, size 7.5. I will love you forever. 

For those of you wondering, I am planning on going through my shoes. We have no shoe storage and some I will probably never wear with my new lifestyle. I do really need a pair of sneakers. Yep, you read that right. 15 pairs of shoes and none to exercise in! 

If you are coming to visit The NL, I suggest you invest in some good, waterproof walking shoes. 




I am NOT a shoe person...and even I pack about 4 pairs for a weekend! I was in Savannah for a conference this week for 3 days and I took 4 pair! BUT one of them was for working out! :)

I might be glad I have more come summer, but right now they are all in the way all the time! 

Sounds simular to a question my wife asked me once. "How can you survie with only one pair of shoes?"

I think that is mostly a guy thing. Either one or two pairs. Loek wears his vans everyday, rain or shine.