March Photo Challenge: Day 6: 5PM

It was a relatively nice day here today. The air was brisk but not unbearable. It was cloudy but the sun was out. And, the days have been getting longer for awhile now so that means that there is still plenty of sunlight out at 5pm. Which is why, I decided to take to the roof for my Nederlands lesson today. Since Loek and I live on the ground floor, we are not lucky enough to have a marvelous balcony to call our own. But, we do have access to our roof and this summer, that will be where you can find me. You know, on the like, 15 days it is not raining! I might even try to get a tan. Those of you who actually know me will know how funny this is. I got sunburned last year in April at the Keukenhof. I was even wearing sunscreen! But today was perfect for some studying up there.

I have become extremely diligent in my learning of Nederlands in the last two weeks. The language is Nederlands, not Dutch. Dutch is what foreigners called it because they got it confused with Duits.  I digress, after months of sparse attempts to learn and not wanting to turn into an expat who can’t communicate with the people who’s country she has invaded in their native tongue. I decided it was time to get serious. ( No offense to the expats who don’t feel the need to learn Nederlands, that is just not how I roll and I plan on being here for the long run.) Since my job feel through and we don’t have money for lessons, I have been treating learning Nederlands as my full-time job. Currently I am using The Rosetta Stone and Klare Taal in De Klas, a student’s grammar guide.


I actually really like Klare Taal in de Klas. Everything is in Nederlands, but since it is for school kids I can understand it. It does a really good job of explaining grammar and has exercises that I make Loek check. I realize that I can only get so far being my own teacher. Here in The Netherlands, they have a program called Inburgering. Basically, there are a lot of tests you have to take, a year’s worth of intense classes before those tests, that you have to take if you are a non- EU resident. Most people dread this like it is the black plague. You can either wait to be called or you can volunteer to start. Guess which one I did? Just waiting to hear back for my interview. Yes, I know I am crazy.

What are some of the most effective ways to learn a language you have in your arsenal?