March Photo Challenge: Day 30: Toy

We don't have any toys in our house. Well, I guess there is the xbox, but we use that now for watching DVD's. I am not a huge gamer, but we do own two board games. Scrabble, and the only game I like: Rummikub. I got it for Christmas. Anybody want to come over and play it? 




Rules of the game? :P

Basically it is a number matching/pattern game. You can either match up number of the same color in a sequence, or the same number in different colors. You have to have at least 3 tiles together. 

Somehow I feel that it's got more pizazz than it sounds like :P

I'm a huge board game fan and Rummikub is one of the top on the list (even though it's technically not a board game I guess)

Strictly speaking, you are correct. But it is still the only game I like. Mostly because I win all the time and I am a sore loser!