March Photo Challenge: Day 28: Trash

Trash is interesting here in The Netherlands. For months after we moved into our apartment, there was a dumpster as construction crews were still working on the building next door. We now have these contraptions on our street. You put your trash in them and it disappears. Sometimes, household items are put out by them, but they almost always disappear into someone else's house before the garbage truck comes. 

When you get bigger bottles here, they charge you .25. If you return the bottles you get that money back. If you want a grocery bag here, you have to buy it. For other recycling, some grocery stores have mini recycling centers in front of them.

All and all, it is a pretty cool system. If only people would use it! There are some serious litterbugs here! 




I have to say I am a big fan of the system too. It's espcially satifying to take an empty beer crate back to get money for it :)

You say household items disappear pretty quickly...
I was able to furnish nearly all my apartment in Hong Kong with perfectly good furniture left out for trash pick up. It was really a matter of being able to carry it or wheel it away on a dolly. I wish there was more good, free furniture available in Atlanta.