March Photo Challenge: Day 19: Funny

We really should celebrate Halloween here in The Netherlands, it is my favorite holiday and it made me so homesick to not have a party to go to. This is me and my friend Chris a party a few years ago, I was a 1940's starlet and Chris was a killer chef or something. 


Not funny enough? Okay, well here is the worst photo of me ever taken. It was at my best friend Christy's wedding. I promise I was really happy for her! It's just that me heel got caught and the photo was snapped at a really terrible time. But seriously, look at my bridesmaids dress! I love it when brides assign a color and a length but let you pick your own dress! 





Even as an English guy I enjoy Halloween a lot. I've not been to a Halloween party for a while though

hahaha!!! You are so brave for putting up that picture! ;) I'm glad you liked your dress, and I'm glad my system seemed to work out so well for everyone.