March Photo Challenge: Day 14: Clouds

Dutch Light

I briefly touched on how much I love the Dutch sky in my post 10 Things I Still Love About My New Home After 3 Months. There is something so breathtaking about the way the sunshine passes through the clouds here, that it paints the landscape in a beautiful golden sheen. Dutch light has long been a phenomenon in the art world. If you want to see what I am referring you have only to look at the work one of the most famous Dutch artists, Johannes Vermeer.  Pictures hardly do it justice, but here are some of the best ones I have.

Museumplein Amsterdam

Museumplein, Amsterdam

Street view Delft


Street view Leiden



A few have asked where this Photo Challenge comes from. It comes from fat mum slim. You can still sign up for the rest of the month.





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Lovely photos