March Photo Challenge: Day 11: Someone I Talked to Today

All friendships take work. But, when you move across the planet and leave behind a great group of friends, you make sure you make it work. You need a good support system behind you. While I was not naive enough to think that I would continue to be as close to everyone I left behind, I do have a group of people that I work hard to talk to be it Skype, g chat, Facebook chat, whathaveyou, that I make sure and talk to on a regular basis.  

One such friend is Katie. I met Katie through my old job. The one great thing about that job was that it allowed me to meet some really awesome and talented people. Katie is a very opinionated person with a love for animals. She even has a blog called Life with Arie, in which she blogs about different pet related things and her adorable white German Shepard. 

The last time I saw Katie, she pretty much threatened my life if I didn't keep in touch. I'm glad to say my life is not in danger. If you are thinking about becoming an expat, I suggest you hang on to your support system back home. They are a bright light on the lonely days you are going to have! 




Hi, Kaitlin! It's Kelly :) It's great to see you have a good network of people who've kept in touch with you (which I unfortunately failed at until now). Your blog is really cute! Thanks for including me in your blog roll!

You're welcome! Let's just do better from now on! 

Good advice for every expat.

I think one of the best things about this technical age we live in, is how we can connect and keep in touch with others.  It sure makes it easier than writing a long letter and waiting for a response.
Love the pics.

Dank je wel! It is nice that I can just log into facebook and see who is online and available to chat on my lonely days! 

Awesome job keeping up with long distant friends. I on the otherhand, have issues with not being able to keep my contact alive. Perhaps, your effort will inspire me to get in contact with my long distance folks. Keep up the blogging!