For the Love of Travel Series- Jenn from My Life Dictated (Guest Post)

Did you miss the series last week? Well, it is back! However, now that I have almost met the criteria for school credit, I am going to be posting on a bi-weekly basis. Don't forget, you can join in the fun by emailing

Today's For the Love of Travel comes from my friend Jenn. Jenn and I met at my first grown up job, she was a rock for me there. Since then, she has left Georgia and moved back to her home and favorite state Florida. You can check out more about Jenn at My Life Dictated


Where did you grow up?
Anna Maria Island, FL (South of Tampa Bay)
What is your favorite destination and why?
I love NYC, Seattle, Southern California and the Carribbean - all for different reasons and hard to pick just one
What is your least favorite destination and why?
I would have to say Cincinnati or Cleveland, OH... not very cultural and when I have been in town, toooooo cold
What is your favorite vacation memory?
It would have to be a toss up between a day spent eating and drinking my way around San Juan, Puerto Rico and my tradition of drinks at Windows on the World atop the World Trade Center. Before 9/11, we started every trip to NYC this way. It was wonderful and brings back some really happy memories.
What is your profession and do you ever travel for business?
Technical Writer/ Illustrator. I do not travel in this position but I did travel for three years, every single week, all across the US. And I loved every minute of it.
How do you pack and do you have any items that you have to take with your?
Pack the night before and the only real "must includes" were my camera and my yoga mat. Regardless of where I wake up, I have started my day on the mat for the last 14 years. 
Do you have any trips planned for the future?
No solid plans but would definitely like to plan a yoga/ surf trip to the Dominican Republic and visit my good friend who is living in Shanghai. (I would also love to see the Netherlands and the friend who is there now as well.)
How do you plan your trips?
With my travel partner, choose a few destinations and then by price/ schedule. Best of both wins.
What is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation would be a trip around the world and high places on the list would be around the Mediterranean, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia), French Polynesia, Argentina and Brazil for sure. Also would have to include at least one month in France. I'd love to see the places where my family comes from.
What kind of traveler are you?
I love to travel. I love the beach and the city but not too fond of country-esque trips unless there is a full schedule of adventure: horseback riding, boating, etc... I've done a tour group once but prefer to research and get a little help from the concierge. Now that my mom is no longer with me, my friends are the best travel partners and I LOVE sharing these adventures with them. 
Thanks so much Jenn! If you have any questions for her, leave them below!