Let The Sunshine In!

Sorry, I´ve been noticeably absent from the blog this week, I was working on a blog exchange for 20 Something Bloggers, but my swap partner disappeared off the face of the earth, plus the sunshine came back to The Netherlands. For those of you who didn´t live through it, this July was miserable. Like rain jacket, scarf, didn´t see sunlight for the whole month miserable. To be fair to the weather, I somewhat expected it. I mean, I did move to the same latitude as Edmonton, Canada and to possibly the rainiest place on the planet, but it is really weird to be cold in July! 

All that changed this last weekend however, when the sun came back with a vengeance. Not a cloud in the sky, nothing but blue skies. Since this is supposed to disappear tomorrow, I have become fully integrated and took advantage of the sunshine while it lasts. 

How was your week?