Georgia Peach Abroad Kaitlin Selfie

Hey Loves,

It’s been a bit, I wanted to check in. I was super dramatic in the last post and I wanted to let you know that I am doing better, looking forward to what the new year will bring. There are some big changes in the upcoming months, but I want to wait until everything is final before I discuss on here. Don’t worry, not leaving Holland.

So what has been going on with me since we last spoke eh? Well, I’ve been to America! It was an interesting trip home and I plan to share a lot more in a later post.

I’ve also decided that I hate everything I own and most of it was either not flattering or  had holes. So I gave away 5 ikea bags worth of clothes and had to throw out about 3 bags worth of just rubbish. It feels so freeing to have a limited wardrobe actually, to restart from the basics and really build a closet around my style now. Maybe a post about this too, yeah?

Oh and I am on week 2 of no caffeine. It started as part of a week-long detox my friend Anna and I were doing and I decided to continue the no caffeine thing. I actually feel great about it, it was hard for the first two days, but after that so far has been smooth sailing. Anna is actually currently studying to be a nutritionist and we are working on launching her blog in January. I’ll link up so you guys can see it when it launches.

Lastly, Loek and I decided two weeks ago that we would commit to watching a documentary at least once a week. You’ve got to learn about the world you know. I’d like to recommend the ones I like to you.

Therefore, I think you should check out the Internet’s Own Boy. It is a documentary about the life and persecution of Aaron Swartz. If you don’t know Aaron was a computer programmer and founder of reddit, he also helped develop RSS feeds which allows you to read this blog in your reader, and helped allow people to copyright on the internet with the creation of Creative Commons. He did a lot for the modern computer era and the internet as we know it, but the US government decided to make an example out of him. You can watch the whole thing on Youtube and you will be amazed at how the government felt the need to use our tax dollars. Just watch it.

Oh and I am blonde again, not sure how that happened, but I love it! I want to go even lighter!

What about you loves? What has been going on with you?

Until next time,