Inburging Update: I Left With More Questions than Answers

I was really excited about today. After applying to start the process in January, having my first meeting and my placement test in April, I was finally going to find out when my actual classes would be. 
Unfortunately, that did not happen. I guess I misunderstood when I had read some of the few other blogs that mention the inburgering process. I thought that my second meeting would be where I would find out when and where my classes would be. Instead, we went over the results of my four other tests that I had to take for placement. Turns out, I didn't do so hot on those. I will be starting at level one. Which is fine, that is where I thought I should be. 
Because I am going to a Hogeschool in September, my contact and I had previously decided that I would take daytime classes this Summer (because they are more intensive) and I would switch to evening classes so I could do both schools. Yep, you might as well kiss my butt goodbye in September. Anyway, I had to make sure that this was still okay. My contact was a little skeptical but finally she agreed, again.
Then we had to decide where I would go to school. I was given the choice between the ROC and someplace I have never heard of. Since I am going to be living at the Centraal Station, when I go to Hogeschool and Inburgering I chose the ROC because it is located the closest. I will go in for Orientation sometime on June 4th.
That's it, that is all I know. I will get a letter from the ROC with what time orientation is, and then at some point I will find out when my classes are. My contact also mentioned that there are four classes a week! Four!?! Anyone else have this experience? I guess I will see when I finally get my class schedule! 
For being such an agenda happy group of people, they sure don't make it easy for a girl to plan her life! 



Hi Kaitlin,
I feel the same way! I left my meeting with an imburging counselor feeling completely confused as well. The system still doesn't make sense to me. But you should know, that these classes aren't mandatory. As Americans, we are required to pass the exam, but not required to take the imburging courses. I decided to take Dutch classes at other private language schools and teachers in Maastricht instead. Even though they cost money, I've heard some negative things about the imburging courses, i.e. courses lasting 1.5 years or having to meet 3 times a week. I know this will require more preparation for me when it comes time to take the exam, but for me it's worth it. The whole system is a little strange. I wish you luck. Succes!

I'm afraid that since I will be a student for the next four years and I have to pass the exam by June 2015, this is the only option I have. I just can't justify the expense in my head when right now it is free. 
You will have to let me know how your language classes go!

Hi Kaitlin,
I hope you don't mind me getting in touch. I found your details while looking for expat blogs and I hope you might be able to help me with my rather strange request?!
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I was actually addicted to House Hunters International in the States. It is a great show. But we will probably be living in the same apartment until I finish Hogeschool.