I'll Be Missing You! Paycheck Edition

I feel like I have not been present this week on my blog nor twitter. This is mostly because, after two years of work for the company I work for, (being the 3rd person hired and growing it from infancy,) this has been the most challenging week ever. I don't know if it is the debt ceiling or what, but clients have been even pickier than normal. As trying as this week has been, I keep on reminding myself how little time I actually have left to bring in a steady paycheck.

When I leave my job in September, there are potentially a few freelance gigs here and there, but basically, that is it for the money to come in. For first time since the age of 16, that I will have nothing that I have to go to. during the week.How do you cure an American of her workaholic tendencies? I get a lot of self satisfaction in my work ethic.The unknown scares me a little, (okay a lot.) From all I can tell, finding a job as an expat can be a challenge, especially after some new E.U sanctions. 

It is time to really investigate what it is that I want to do with my life. Why is it that when you have plenty of time to do fun things, you have no money to do them? The future hubs and I will be fine financially, as long as we stick to a budget. i.e. no retail therapy. I think the bigger adjustment for me ,more so then moving to a whole new country, is going to be not bringing in the bacon and not have something to fill up my time. Very thankful for a Museumkaart!

I don't want you to worry though, because I have a grand plan. It will just take awhile to execute. 

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I remain impressed by what you're doing.  As a girl who has never been too far away to go and visit with her mommy (I'm not ashamed!  27-years-old and I still need my mama!), and can't imagine ever being so, I really envy you.  The courage it takes to drop everything and move your life thousands of miles away is intense.  We'll certainly miss you around here when you're gone.

Thank you Sarah, it makes it easier knowing that I will always have good friends to be there as a support system, even if they are thousand of miles away. I really hope that some day you will come to visit! 

I, too, hail from Atlanta.  I visited Amsterdam many years ago and instantly fell in love with it and knew that someday I had to go back to Holland.  I wasn't super sure how that would come about, but I find myself the willing victim of a ldr with a cute Dutch boy.  And the first question I ask myself it, "what on earth would I do for work?"

I don't want to steal your master plan :), but have you any concrete ideas about that?


GL with everything...I shall be a faithful reader in hopes of learning from your own process!

Hey Lovely,

For the time being, I am lucky enough to be a writer and my company is going to keep me employed while I wait for my work visa to come in. ( I just found out so I haven't written a post about it yet) I am going on a establish a family visa and my fiancee is sponsoring me. 

As for the future, I honestly have no idea, but I like having the luxury of time to figure that out. Maybe I will go back to school. That's what is so exciting, I am the master of my own destiny.

Thank you for finding my blog! 

Hey there!  lol I totally feel like I'm stalking you! I just started using Twitter for work and was thus introduced to it for social purposes...I know, I know I'm waaay behind!  I'm glad you made it over yonder safe and sound.  Thanks for keeping us nosy people updated :)

As I hinted in my previous comment, I'm kinda totally in love with a Dutchie, so I can foresee myself making the same steps as you, except skewing slightly southwest to Barendrecht (close to Rotterdam).  In fact I'm making a trip to Schiphol next week.  10 days in my most favorite of countries with my most favorite of people.  Super excitement!  Need anything from the A? :)

Perhaps I missed the entry, but how did yall meet?

Thanks for the "Stalking"it makes me feel like people actually read my blog! Yay, for coming to Schiphol! I am glad you get to see your Dutchie! I haven't actually made it to Rotterdam yet. We got a new apartments so almost all my time has been spent getting that ready to live in and then moving. Lots of building of ikea furniture and no internet until the 11th! I am at a McDonald's right now. Let me know if you make it up Utrecht way while you are here.

Hey Kaitlin!

I hope apartment-fixin'-upping is going well.  I did make it to Schiphol and am hanging with my Dutchie and alles goed (at least til zondag :( but we shan't think of that just yet!)  So I gave up eating McDonald's back in 2006 when I read Fast Food Nation (and I know that story could apply to just about every fast food place but I am still not willing to abandon Chick Fil A just yet...), and the other day Jos and I went to Amsterdam for the day. My phone doesn't work here but my wifi does and while checking my phone, lo and behold I saw I had a wifi signal.  Jos said yeah, it's from McDonald's...see they're not too bad after all.  Long and pointless story short, that was the first time in years that I was thankful for McDonald's :) 

Take care lady!