I'll Be Missing You! Besties Edition!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the big change that is going to take place in my life in just a few short months. There are certain things I know I will miss, so until I leave, I am going to honor those persons, places and things, I will miss with my Thursday posts! These are in no way in order so if you are not mentioned until a later post, it doesn’t mean anything.

Up first, the Besties! I have been truly lucky to have been friends with my two best friends since I was 11 years old.  Christy and Hayley. I met Christy in the 6th grade, I made the very brave move of going up to her in gym class and asking if she rode bus 14. I had seen her playing in her front yard the day we moved into our new house. Christy said yes and invited me to hangout after school. She introduced me to her friend Hayley, who lived a few houses down.Growing up, the 3 of us were inseparable. I think I spent as much time at Christy’s house as I did my own, it was after all one house down and across the street. Our favorite activity was walking around the block, which we did everyday. Man, we were so thin then! The three of us have a quirky sense of humor and have a pretty decent moral center,so we never really got in too much trouble. I can honestly say that besides my cousins, Christy and Hayley had the biggest influence on my formative years. I would not be who I am without having known them.

After high school, the three of us took pretty separate paths. Christy and Hayley went to college at Georgia Southern and I went to State. I later transferred to Southern, but Hayley was no longer there. We hung out still but not as much as before, your college years are meant for exploration. 

Christy was the first of us to get married. She and her husband Scott live in a small town, okay I don’t actually know that you can even call it that, they live in the sticks. They both attend grad school and are very content in their life out in the country living on lots of land. I would go insane! Christy and Scott are that annoying couple who knows what the other is thinking and who laughs honestly at the others not funny jokes. Not that they aren’t a funny couple,but they have a lot of inside couple jokes. 

Hayley was the first one of us to have a baby. Little Leland born right after I got back from Holland in April! She married Julian last year. Julian is in med school and is about to do his clinicals in Warner Robbins, Ga. I am truly glad that her and Christy will now be less than two hours from each other. It makes me feel a little less bad about leaving them to go get married in Holland. I am extremely lucky in that I think that both of my best friends married decent men, who truly love them.

Not everyone gets to have friendships that last as long as ours. True friends are the kind that you can not talk to for months because your lives get so busy and you can pick up the friendship exactly where it left off. I was lucky enough to participate in both their weddings as the baker of their wedding cakes, and as a bridesmaid in Christy’s wedding. (Hayley was smart and eloped!) Even though, I didn’t get to see them as often as I would have liked to in our 20’s, it is weird to think that we will not even live in the same state and that they have never even met the man I am going to marry. To Hayley and Christy, I love you guys so much! 



So sweet! :) We will miss you VERY much!!! I feel the exact same way you do about our friendship. There aren't many friendships where you can go long periods of time without talking much and then be exactly the same the next time you hang out. I don't have any other friends like that!

And thanks for the endearing bio! haha! Yes, Scott & I are annoying, but it just means we're in looove! ;) and you're right, I probably wouldn't call Portal a town. In fact, I don't. When I say "go to town," I mean Statesboro. Portal is nothing but fields and a few convenience stores! But we love it! :)

One day we'll meet Loek. I'm sure you guys are annoying, too. ;)

I am sure Loek and I are really annoying. We try to keep our mush to a minimum around other people! I love you! 

May I suggest a nifty little device to use so that phone bills won't be so expensive? Its called The Magic Jack! For over a year we have been using this device making long distance calls to each other for free! A friend sent it to my love a year ago. We didn't pay an extra dime the first year. And 2 months ago I paid the $20 yearly fee to continue. I don't know how we could survive for the 2 1/2 years we've been together without it. It plugs into the USB port on your computer and uses a phone jack into which any standard phone can be plugged. During setup you assign yourself a local number (he has a 404 area code!), and its very simple to use. As long as his comp is connected, I can call him any time of the day and vice versa. Its much more convenient than Skype since he can call any of our friends in the US and Canada for business.

I highly suggest getting one!