ik ben een sneeuw prinses ( I am a Snow Princess)

There was a lot that I planned on writing about this week, I was going to post my first recipe and my first book review. Alas, both Loek and I have been sick this week. Nothing serious, but it involved a lot of laying on the couch and watching True Blood. Well, on my part anyway. Luckily, we were both feeling a little bit better, because it did some serious snowing here today. Nothing makes me so instantly happy as snowflakes. I know, I'm not right being from the South and all, but I love winter and snow! I think it is much preferable to the 70degree weather they are having in my home state.  Seriously, why is it in Folklore that evil is always equated with snow? Everything is more beautiful in fresh powder! Here are some shots I took around today. 

The View Out Our Window

Snow on the Ledge

Bike Tracks in the Snow

Frozen Canal Behind Our Apartment

Bikes in the Snow

My Favorite Statue in Utrecht, or "How I Feel When it Snows" as I Dubbed it Today.

Kids Skating and Sledding in the Canal. I am Kicking Myself I Don't Have Skates Here!