I Think It Went Well! Inburgering Initial Interview

Yesterday, as many of you know was my final interview for the inburgering process. I arrived at the Werk en Inkomen Office in De Meern 30 minutes early because I am a nerd! I was offered coffee and told to sit down and wait. I felt so bad for the guard because I proceeded to hack up my lungs in the waiting room. Finally, it was my turn to meet with my Gemeente Representative. I was really nervous because I heard that some of them refuse to speak English to you, and I was alone. Luckily, this was not at all the case. She was more than happy to explain things in Engels and I tried my best to use my Dutch when I could. After a short interview to see if I was supposed to begin inburgering and my intentions for my life here in The Netherlands. It was agreed upon by both of us that since I eventually want a career that will require me to converse fluently in Nederlands, I would be taking the Staatsexamen II. The most intense of the four exams you can take for inburgering, when I pass the test I will get a diploma stating that I will be fluent in Dutch and can work in a Dutch workplace as well as attend University classes in Dutch if I wanted to. 

This is really the best track for me and will mean that I will be more focused on learning the language then learning about the culture. It also means I will not be allowed to do the portfolio option I was wanting to do, but an actual exam. I have 3 years to pass the exam. The government will pay for a year to a year and a half worth of classes.

*Important* if you haven't signed up for the Inburgering yet, get a move on, in the next year or so it will still be required but no longer paid for! After we made our decision about what path I should be on, I was signed up to take the initial placement exam.

So, tomorrow I get to go into the South of city and take a four hour exam for placement beginning at 1pm. I am extremely nervous about this. Mostly because I spent all day in bed today with a debilitating sinus headache! I told my contact that I reckon that I am still in level one. I think probably Level 1A, but The Verlo- thinks I am probably at Level 1B. I guess we shall see after the exam. After my contact gets my results back, she will get in touch with me and then I will find out where and when I will be taking my classes. I actually can't wait to begin taking my first Nederlands class!

So, that is where we are right now. Wish me luck for my test tomorrow and if anyone has any surefire get rid of a cold fast tips, I need to know them!  

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That's interesting that you don't have to do the portfolio. What kind of exam at the end do you have to do? Is it more intense than the usual four-part test which is all fairly automated? I might consider it all if I don't have to do the portfolio and don't have to do any weird role-playing for the final exam.

I actually asked about the portfolio and that is only for people who are doing the inburgeringexamen I or II. From how it was explained to me was this was more for people from Eastern Cultures so a lot of it is things like going to the police station and sending birthday cards. 
The Staatsexamen I and II are more for people who want to focus on learning the languagemore grammatically correct. I'm not sure yet what the difference between I and II is, only that because of the plans I talked to you about last time we say each other, that the diploma saying I can speak Nederlands as my official second language sounded like something I should do! 
I have actually been going through Clogs and Tulips because it is the same exam that she took. 

First of all, I hope you feel better! My sure-fire way to help is Hot Toddies. Whiskey, hot water, lemon and honey. You sleep like a baby and it soothes the throat. And generally good for the spirit and all. 
More on to the rest of the topic, congrats on your interview. I'm wondering if you would know whether it's possible to take intensive dutch lessons for the NT2? I can't seem to find anything thats specifically for the NT2 exams, without the inburgering - I'm not interested in becoming Dutch. If you have any tips I'd be happy to hear!

Good luck with it all!

Thanks! I'll have to keep a hot toddie in mind even though I really can't drink whiskey anymore. I don't have a lot of information just yet, I am hoping to learn more myself after my second interview. I found a few things at the local universities for the NT2 but you would have to pay for it yourself. 
I know each Gemeente does things a little different but, I will keep you informed on what mine is doing after my next interview. 

Well, you can always use brandy, but an alcohol-free version of hot water, lemon and honey (especially manuka honey) is really good too.
I'd be happy to pay for lessons myself. In Hilversum there doesn't seem to be that much around though. Will have to keep looking.

There is this one- its designed for people who want to go to Uni here, but it is open to all with a residence permit-
There is this in Amsterdam-
Just keep looking!