I Have Confidence that Spring will Come Again.

Sometimes, I dream of being Fraulein Maria. Well, maybe I should clarify, I do not dream of being an ex-nun in Nazi Occupied Austria, who goes to work for some horrible children as a governess, only to eventually win them and their father over, then to have to literally sing for my life to escape said Nazis. A more accurate description would be that I dream of being Julie Andrews, singing on top a of mountaintop in a floral dress, arms outspread, face towards the sun, spinning and singing about the hills being alive with the sound of music. This dream occurs with much great frequency since I have moved to The Netherlands.

You see, there are no mountains in The Netherlands. There is not even a proper hill in my opinion. Being mostly below sea level, I live in one of the flattest places on Earth. This is part of what allows bicycles to be so popular here. I’m not complaining mind you, but growing up in the Piedmont of Georgia, I am used to being able to see Stone Mountain as I am driving down the highway and full on mountains if I were to drive an hour North. All this flatness takes some serious getting used to. “ I want to see mountains again, Gandalf – mountains” is an expression I find my head saying on a daily basis. What? A Sound of Music and A LOTR reference in one post? What am I a Gilmore Girl?

So, what does this tangent have to do with anything? Well, because I dream of mountains, I often get the songs of The Sound of Music stuck in my head and since before today this week had been terrible I have been singing “I Have Confidence in Me”. This is really is the perfect song for a nervous expat. It is all about making the best of this amazing opportunity you have in life.  But this week the verse that has been sticking with me is:

I have confidence in sunshine.
I have confidence in rain.
I have confidence that Spring will come again.

And today it it was such a beautiful day, that I do have confidence that Spring is on its way here. I can’t wait!

*Disclaimer, apparently there are some mountains in the South, but I have never seen them