Happy 1st Birthday Little Blog!

I wrote my first post for this blog one year ago, I feel like time has really flown by! So much has happened since that very first post: I moved to The Netherlands, got my residence permit, applied and got rejected for a ton of jobs, decided to go back and get my bachelors' degree, started my inburgering lessons, and most importantly, I made some great friends. I couldn't be happier with my decision to leave everything I knew behind and live with the Verlo- here in Utrecht. 

I thought in honor of the blog's verjaardag (birthday, for those non-Nederlands speakers) I would revisit my very first post and see what has changed. So here is Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Redux.


The WhoMy name is Kaitlin, I am in my mid twenties and newly engaged. I rock at jeopardy and I love beautiful things. I also have quite a snarky sense of humor, so you know if you are easily offended or you just don't like snark, this might not be the place for you. Well, my name is in fact, Kaitlin, I am still in my mid-twenties and I have been engaged for over a year, please don't ask when I am getting married, you will know when I know! I haven't played Jeopardy since October, but I do still like beautiful things. I am still full of snark. I am about to be an International Tourism Management student at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.  I am an avid reader and budding polyglot. Right now, I am learning Nederlands and my degree program requires me to take Spanish. 

The What: This blog chronicles my journey; both preparing to move to Europe and the adjustments I will make after I am there. It is a way to keep my friends and family up to date on my life. As well as, a chance to make new friends. Drop me a line I would love to hear from you. I have moved to Europe! So, mostly this blog chronicles my adventures making my way in this crazy country. Blogging has been a great way to both keep up with people and make new friends. Seriously though, nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers

The Where: Right now, I am based out of Atlanta, this fall I will be moving to Utrecht, Netherlands. Utrecht is the 4th largest city in the Netherlands. It has a beautiful city center, and most importantly, it is where my love is. WOOHOO! I made it to Utrecht! More specifically, I live in Leidsche Rijn, an upandcoming suburb. I do in fact live here with my love, and our cute kitty Atticus. 

The When: A month that ends in a -ber, that is all you are getting for now. I moved on October 5th. 

The Why: People have been asking why it is that I am moving there and he is not moving to the States. That's simple here are the reasons: Emigration to the States is tough for people in love. The Euro is stronger than the dollar. Loek can't drive a car and I don't particularly like it. I was an Art History Major in College so where is better than Europe. I am obsessed with travel; as is Loek and most of where we want to explore is in Eurasia. So why is it called a Georgia Peach Abroad with the title being called Georgia Peach in Utrecht? Well, I was raised in Georgia and though I may not always like to admit it, I am a Southern Lady. I went a little crazy with this explanation. I am really bad about re-reading my posts to make sure they make sense. These reasons are valid for why I moved. So, instead I'll talk about why I blog. I blog because I love interacting with people and having a place to share my stories and hear the stories of others. I also blog because I have questions about my new life all the time, sometimes there doesn't seem to be an answer on the internet, so I blog my experiences and answers so that transitioning abroad/ living in The Netherlands might be easier for those who come after me.

The How: Loek built this blog for me so that is how you are getting content. As far as the whole how am I getting to move to Europe thing? You will just have to wait and read! I like to think that I have done a decent job of describing the how of moving abroad. Now, the blog is all about how I am living my life here.

Also, here is a look back at the 10 most read posts of this year.

Last, but not least, I wish to share my gratitude and appreciation for you dear readers! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and interactions! I am at a loss as to how to describe just how much I love you all! 




well gefeliciteerd!
ik heb een vraag: how long did it take before you were able to apply for your residence permit, and how long did it take before you got it? you got it while you were already living there, right?
i apologize if this question has already been answered!
btdub, i got my ticket. i'm blowin this popsicle stand on july 26! it's so crazy! i absolutely cannot wait. it sucks to be apart from the one you love! it's been hitting me recently that by marrying a dutchie and moving to his homeland that i'm literally changing the rest of my lineage. i may have great great grandkids who never even step foot in america. lol ok maybe i'm thinking too much, but it's just, like, wow.
/end valleygirlspeak
i hope your day is going well! make sure that your verlo is speaking to you in dutch...they forget to do that sometimes! :)

Bedankt! Use, I got it after I moved here, it took a month to apply for it and then it was approved in a few weeks. I think it also depends on what Gementee you move into. There aren´t that many expats in Utrecht compared to some other places. I would get into a IND office as soon as possible so they can tell you all the steps for all the paperwork.
Yay! I´m glad you got a date set! It makes it all so much more real when you get the ticket! 
We have been speaking much more Nederlands at home since I started taking Inburgering courses. I might just take you up on Spanish help! 

pps...i got my bachelors in romance languages at if you need spanish practice puedo ayudarte (i can help you)!

Gefeliciteerd! I'm glad you're settling in so well, inburgering classes aside. ;)

Dank je wel! Next week, at some point there should be coffee!

in the last 2 months i've become a major groupon addict. had no idea that it existed in other countries and am ecstatic that i found out that it's in rotterdam! ah, pray for my poor husband. anywho from what i can decipher with my broken dutch, there is a travel groupon to spain where you can learn spanish on location.
i apologize for the seemingly spam comment...just thought it was cool :)

Grats on your first birthday! ;) Of course I immediately skipped to the inburgering posts...

I also like your new site design at the top, with the picture of a peach with the Netherlands cut into it. Pretty!

Thanks! I worked really hard on it! I'm glad you like it!

Many congratulations on reaching the first year milestone :)

Thanks! This milestone also means I am only four months away from being in Holland for a year!