Berlin in a Blur-Sachsenhausen and East Side Gallery

I'm back babies! Berlin was crazy. I'm still processing it all. I'm not sure how I feel about the city. I'm going to wait to reserve judgment until I go back with my own agenda and not with my whole class. After all, there wasn't that much time to venture out and see the city on my own. But, I did have a lot of fun bonding with my classmates. I learned some interesting things and now we have some great catch phrases from the trip!  Oh, and that salt should never, ever, ever be put on pineapple!

Here is an overview of what I did.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp:

One's first introduction to a city should never be a negative one. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was our first scheduled stop in Berlin. The camp is located in Oranienburg, just outside of Berlin and was first used an internment camp for political opponents of the Third Reich. It was then used during World War II as a concentration camp and housed the central administration for all Nazi concentration camps. Finally, it was used as a Soviet Special Camp. That is a lot of evil for one place. This was my first experience to a concentration camp and it really moved me. One of the most shocking things for me was the proximity of houses to the camp today and in the past. It is shocking that people could live so close and turn a blind eye to such atrocities. Our guides at Sachsenhausen were really top notch, especially Sophia, who really made her love of history come alive.

sachsenhausen concentration camp trees

Sachsenhausen tree

East Side Gallery:

By far my favorite thing in Berlin. This part of the wall is filled with art, and inspirational messages from all over the world. I took a ton of photos! I love that something so negative as the Berlin Wall has been given new life as something beautiful. Unfortunately, this outside gallery and monumental piece of World History is supposed to have parts of it torn down to make way for a high rise. This breaks my heart. While we were there, students were making films about why the East Side Gallery should remain. Just days before, there was a protest of thousands to save the Wall. I encourage all of you to sign this petition to support the East Side Gallery

Fuck You

Trabi Car

Tomorrow I have another lovely guest post for you and then it is more about Berlin! 




I have never been to a concentration camp, but the energy felt there must be overwhelming, like you say, that's a lot going on in one single space. How scary.
I do love Street art, and the Wall should remain! I would have taken a million pics too, thanks for pointing us to the petition.
Hope you are enjoying the snow in The Netherlands... where is the Spring. It's schizophrenic weather. Bright sunny days. Blue Sky. Snowstorm. Start again,.