Be Thankful Wherever You Are

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! You guys are making me so jealous on facebook with all your yummy goodness! Around here, Loek and I hosted a group of friends for a "Friendsgiving" on Saturday. I was the only American in attendance, but it still turned out great, and I loved bringing Thanksgiving to other cultures. While I don't particularly love the historical reasoning for Thanksgiving,I do think a day sharing what you are thankful for surrounded by people you love is always a good idea. I love my friends so much for not scoffing when I told them that we had to go around the table and say what we were thankful for. 

Here are just a few things I am thankful for this year:

  • Technology: Sometimes being away from friends and family is really hard, but having the technology to talk to them whenever I wish helps enormously. Plus without technology I wouldn't know my love.
  • My love: Seriously, I have a really good one. He never loses his temper, he makes me laugh, he thinks I am hilarious which is just as important. I love you babe and our life here.
  • My mom: I'm not saying that my mom is better than your mom, but she is pretty awesome. My mom is my best friend and is always supportive of me no matter what.
  • My friends: It is really humbling when you go back to where you grew up and people come from all around to see you because they miss you. You guys are the best. And I don't want to forget my new friends either, you guys have shown me so much about how different the world can be, thank you for teaching me.


What are you thankful for this year?


Until next time,





Happy Thanksgiving Kaitlin!
Seems like we are grateful for a lot of the same things:)
1. I am super grateful for my husband. When the expat life gets tough, he is always an example of positivity and his unconditional love makes this all worthwhile.
2. My caring family who flew out to see me made for one of my best birthday celebrations to date. Their support and love mean the world to me.  I'm glad I got to show them my life here in Almere and now, whenever I look around my house, their energy is right there with me.
3. Technology!!! For the exact same reasons!!! Also, some guilty pleasures such as watching ' The Bachelor' online and other cheesy realities like that! Don't judge me!! lol
4. Also, very thankful for the roof over my head and the yummy food in my tummy. I'm looking at you hummus and cheesepies.
5. My fleece slippers and robe. 
6. Sillyness.
Happy  Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving! I won't judge you, I have been watching the Valleys, my ability to judge anyone went right out the window. What type of cheese pie? That sounds intriguing 

Greek cheese pie made with phyllo! I add feta, cottage and any grated yellow cheese with some black cumin. This weekend I will make it with some fresh green onions and dill along with the cheeses and see how that comes out! I'm drooling already!

That sounds awesome!