Attachments, Part 2 of Stuff Series

Monday, I started talking about the effect that possessions have on some people's decisions to move, especially abroad. Today, I want to touch on my own personal attachment to things. 

For me, I have never been terribly sentimental. I don't look at photos from my childhood that often and I prefer to look towards the present rather than the past. I think that people tend to equate stuff with having it all and want people to know that they do. For me, my show items were always my cooking, art and books, I wanted people to know how well read I was.

I think my upbringing has a lot to do with they way I feel about things. My mom has collected flamingos for her entire life. Every time there is an occasion which calls for presents, she gets something with a flamingo. Because of this, I think I have decided never to collect anything. My grandmother is also a borderline hoarder. Don't get me wrong, I love her and I inherited her messiness, but I have no problem throwing stuff away. If something of mine gets ruined, I either don't replace it, or I get a new one. I'm also incredibly cheap, unless it comes to food. So I never want to spend my money on too many things.

Of course, there are things that I love and have felt like they were worth packing away in boxes to move across town. Books mostly. But with the high cost of shipping things to Holland and the constraints of air travel, I have had to make some serious choices. As I mentioned on Monday, when I was in Holland, I left 4 boxes worth of stuff at Loek's current apartment. I took with me a bunch of clothes and boots that I knew I would not wear again before it was time for me to move. What also made the cut: All 7 seasons of my favorite show, Gilmore Girls,  a peacock print I got in Venice,The New York Times Essential Cookbook by Amanda Hesser, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Like I said, I love to cook! 

Of course the Lorelei's made the cut. 

As of now, I have packed one of the duffels I mentioned in my last post. (The smaller one), In it, I have packed my mother's jewelry box that my real dad gave her. (We don't have a relationship and this is the only thing I have that he gave anyone) As well as, my K stamp and calligraphy pen that I got in Italy, the new bike bedspread I bought, some clothes I won't wear in the 76 days I have left here, and my copy of The Chronicles of Narnia, by CS Lewis. 

My next post in this series is going to be about what else made the cut. Stay tuned. 

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I love that 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls made the cut! haha! I' ve been watching reruns of that on ABC Family for the past several months. I actually finished the series, but I had only started on like the very end of Season 5. So, I of course had to keep watching when they started back at the beginning. :) PS--I can't believe you got a bedspread to fit in with all that stuff! I would think that would be the bulkiest item ever!

Technically, it is just a duvet cover, and I think I mis-measured the conversion. 

I'm currently going through the cleansing process myself! Its very time consuming, and I do have attachments to things for silly reasons. Now that I know I'm leaving, if I haven't used it/wore it in a year its gotta go. The worst part of this is realizing how much money I've wasted on impulse buys on things over the years. I've gotten better about it, but something about Dollar Tree has me spending over $20 each visit. 

I have an addiction to cooking magazines...and I'm still struggling to not buy a little mag everytime I go through checkout. I plan on bringing those with me though, as well as my spices. FYI...if you like to bake, I'd stock up on baking soda and baking powder to bring. I was sorely dissapointed at the baking aisles in the C1000 and AH stores.


Everyone says the same thing about the baking products, I will totally have to bring some. I have to bake, it is like breathing to me! I used to have the same addiction to cooking magazines, then I realized all the recipes are online. So now I get the mags from the library and write down the recipes I want to look up later. It saves so much space! 

As for the dollar store, my advice is just don't go in!