The Anniversary of My First Visit to The Netherlands.


It seems rather apropos that the date of my initial interview to start the inburgering process is on the anniversary of my first landing at Schiphol, a year ago today. Almost six months to the day, I would land again, but this time to make The Netherlands my permanent home. I'm actually quite pleased with myself that I managed to save up enough to move in such a short time. 

When I first came to visit, there was a lot of pressure as to whether or not I could see myself making this country my home. I think The Verlo- who was just the boyfriend then was quite nervous. Luckily, my suspicions were confirmed and I fell in love immediately with the country. That first trip, we wandered around the streets of Amsterdam, went to Lisse,the Keukenhof,(and Keukenhof Kasteel) and hung around Utrecht. I ate a ton of frites and bami's. I met some people that are an integral part to The Verlos- life and most important, I got to hang out with the man I love and be amazed at the swirling dervish of bicycles.

Fast forward a year later and I am starting to really feel like I am making my way slowly but surely into my new life here in The Netherlands. I look to my interview today as the first step to becoming more a part of society here in The Netherlands. I just really wish I wasn't hacking up a lung every three minutes because I am sure that will make a grand impression on my contact! I'll be sure to let you guys all know how it went tomorrow. 

Any last minute tips on the interview? 

So much has changed in a year, including my hair! Egads, not my favorite look of mine. 






Good luck with the interview and congratulations on your first year in Holland :)

Thanks, it actually is the anniversary of the first time I visited here. I've only lived here 6 months.