26 Things Before I'm 26

I saw this idea on a blog I just started reading, The Lighthouse Keeper,  and I thought, hmm I should make a list like that. I love lists! The particular blog was 25 things before turning 25, but since I turn 25 in less than a month, I decided to get a head start. So without further ado, here you are:

In no particular order:

1. Move to Utrecht.

2. Be able to communicate in Dutch.

3. Get married, I'm engaged so this isn't a huge jump.

4. Take up ballet again.

5. Find a core group of friends in my new country.

6. Develop a sense of personal style and dress accordingly.

7. Learn to bake and cook in my Nederlands kitchen.

8. Start my tour guide business.

9. Learn to sew.

10. Go to Paris. (I went when I was 11, but the Louvre was on strike the whole time)

11. Write letters to my friends back home.

12. Get back to the weight that feels best on my frame.

13. Read 100 new books, including some classics.

14. Start making metal jewelry again.

15. Book my honeymoon, we probably wont go right after the wedding.

16. Learn how to share, I was practically an only child.

17. Become an expert bike rider.

18. Attend Amsterdam Fashion Week.

19. Knit a sweater.

20. Learn the art of light layers.

21. Eat better, I have a horrible diet.

22. Start bringing in money again.

23. Continue adding to the retirement fund.

24. Laugh more.

25. Get over my fear of boats.

26. Stick to my plans.

What do you want to accomplish before your next birthday?



I tried a list like this and I was terrbile at keeping up with it. I hope you have more luck because you have pretty great goals. My favorite was "learn to share." I have two sisters but I'm pretty sure I still need to learn this lesson too. :)



Thanks Lorraine! I am going to try really hard! 

26 things before I turn 26... that only gives me like 5 months! They better be no brainers breakfast and shave my legs! haha! But I love your goals! :)

That's why I gave myself over a year to complete them!

Thanks for sharing this, I had the same thing on my mind too and ended up purchasing a book called The Happiness Project. Have you read it? Good luck settling in to life in Utrecht, you'll have a great time in Holland. It's always nice to find other American bloggers in the area :)