10 Books for 8 Euros

I have a well documented love affair with books. Just check out this post and this one! While I love the Utrecht Library System and my kindle, sometimes you just want to own books. They are great for decorating and as conversational starters. But, books printed in English are counted as imports here which can be very expensive, especially for an expat with no job and about to go back to school. 

Which is why I was so excited when in Amsterdam for an interview this week, I had time to meet up with my bud Lily. We ended up meeting at the Waterlooplein Markt, where she had already found a great deal on used English books. We shopped around, I ended up getting 10 books for 8 Euros. Pretty good deal if I say so myself. The Waterlooplein Markt is one of my favorite markets here in The Netherlands, you never know what you will find there. 

Another cool market in Amsterdam is the Boeken Markt (Book Market) which takes place every Friday at Beguinage, about a15 minute walk from the Amsterdam Centraal Station. I have only been there once, but I hope to go more often when I start attending school in September.

Are you an expat? If so, where do you get your books?



There's a great used book store on Voorstraat, with a good wall of books in English. They usually have a deal that if you buy two books, you get half off the second. The Saturday market at Vredenburg usually has a stall selling used books, including a table of English books, although the selection can be hit or miss.

I never go into the Center on Saturdays! I should fix that. And, I will check out that book store! 

I'm so glad you mentioned these markets! I sold most of my huge book collection before I moved over, and I'm finally starting to build it back up again.
The English Bookshop in the Jordaan is really lovely. The American Book Centre on Spui is also nice, and Waterstone's is right across the square. There's also a weekly book market on Spui every Friday, but I don't know what the English selection is like.

Glad someone found it useful! I think the one on Spui is the one I mentioned, but when I was there I was acting as a tourist and not really looking for English books. 

Oh yeah -- you're right! I wish it didn't close at 18:00; I work in Amsterdam but not close enough to Spui to get over there after work.

Nice deal! The American Book Centre and Waterstone's are among my favorite shops in Amsterdam, but they are quite expensive. Waterstone's is usually the most expensive of the two but it often has a 3=2 deal which makes it cheaper in total. 
If you don't mind to get used books, the De Slegte bookstores are a good option. They aren't as cheap as 10 books for 8 euro's, but I got some pretty decent books there, for 4-5 euros per book. Most of the books are Dutch but they should also have a couple of bookcases with English books.
They got one in utrecht:
Have fun bookhunting! :)