9 Songs I'm Listening to Today

And now for something completely different...

I'm still sick, seriously this is getting old! So, all my plans were today were ruined. Instead, I am stuck at home. That doesn't mean I am bored, I've been listening to some of my favorites today! Here is what I have been rocking out to lately!​

  • The Next Messiah, Jenny Lewis: I love this lady, everything she does! No matter what band or solo stuff she is doing chances are I will be all over it. 


  • Does He Love You: Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis again! But this time with her old band Rilo Kiley. I'm still heartbroken they broke up! 


  • The Mariners' Revenge Song: The Decemberists: Probably my favorite band, the use of accordion in this song is amazing! A music journalist once described Colin's singing as being "Donkey Voiced" I think he should take this as a compliment! 



  • Make You Pop: Diplo & Don Diablo: Zanger Rinus and Debora are our youtube sensations here in The Netherlands. Diplo & Don Diablo sent them their next single and this is what was made. Still would rather watch this than Justin Bieber! 


  • Mama Said Knock You Out: Alyson Greenfield: When I first discovered this song thanks to RubyFruit Radio, I tweeted that it was like LL and Tori Amos had a baby. Ms. Greenfield read the tweet and responded that she really liked being called that. While looking for the Youtube video I ran across a matchup of LL Cool J and Dexi Midnight Riders.

  • Crazy in Love: Antony and The Johnsons: Guess it is just a cover kind of day. But seriously the voice of an angel. 


  • True Affection: The Blow: Perpetually stuck in my head! 


  • One More Cup of Coffee: Bob Dylan: The first song I heard of Bob Dylan's when it wasn't my parents forcing me to listen to him. It holds a special place for me. I saw Bob in concert two years ago, somehow he's still got it.



What are you listening to this week? 




Listening to new Screaming Females, Sleigh Bells, Butterfly Boucher (free download of an EP from, An Horse, Lay Low, Mammut, and Alyson Greenfield. Woot!
BTW- I miss Rilo Kiley a lot. 

I love Noisetrade, I feel like I discover so many cool things because of you. You do the research so I don't have to. I've also been listening to some female fronted bands here. I need to send you the playlist! 

Yes! Send me a playlist. I've been getting together some of bands from random countries and need to include NL. :)