I Found Noah's Arc! Apparently, it was Hiding Out in the Netherlands.

What I love most about living here is the unexpected happens on a daily basis. For example, you could be on your way to a castle, and never actually find the castle but run into an ostrich. Yep, that happened. Or if back in August, you went with your mom and fiancee to see the Kinderdijk (place with all the windmills) and you find Noah's Arc. I told you this place is weird and magical. 

Apparently, this Creationist guy here in the Netherlands had a vision to built the 450 foot boat. He outfitted it with fake creatures. Crazy huh? 

Here are some pictures of the area surrounding the Kinderdijk. Getting to the Kinderdijk itself is quite the adventure. First, we took a train and then a water taxi. I'll tell you more about it in Thursday's post. 







What is weird where you live? 



I totally get you, this reminds me of last year when we followed the route of the bulbs, in search of tulip fields in bloom and ended up finding this garden with 2 huge, cast-iron jiraffes:

Well, I live in NYC so I guess you could say the unexpected happens here on the daily as well! I love it to be honest, never a dull moment. Check this out, you'll get to see some of the weird people in NY!
By the way, I love the fact that you and Amanda have started communicating. It's kinda cool that two of my favotire bloggers now know each other. Hopefully the three of us can meet next year when I go to Amsterdam for my birthday! 

We should totally meet up when you make it to the Low countries :) So exciting. And that's a fun page, I love watching people's craziness come to float.

I love it that you guys have convos on my blog! Yes, we will have to meet up when Tania's here. 

It's been touring the country for a while. I also encountered it in another part of Holland. Did you go inside?

Nope, it was just a random, what the heck is that? moment. We didn't know it was there and we had no time!