Calling All Travel Lovers!

I need your help you guys. As much as I love writing about my experiences living in a new country, and I still have loads that I need to share with you lovelies...I want to start taking the blog in a new direction. Since I am a student of International Tourism, I really want to start including some posts that focus on this aspect of my life. Plus, as part of my studies, I am required to submit proof  on how I am involving myself in my future industry and because I really believe in the power of blogs and social media to network, I am getting school credit for something I love to do.

However, being a full time student limits the amount of time I can spend traveling myself, and what I am really interested in is how you guys travel. Therefore, I am opening up my blog for some guest posts. If you would like to help a student out and participate, just leave a comment or send an email to I have a questionnaire waiting. Eventually I would love to do some interviews. Thanks so much in advance.

For the rest of you dear ones, I hope you will enjoy this new phase of Georgia Peach Abroad.



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I'll love to help! I haven't traveled as much as I would like but I can answer the questionaire based on one of the places I HAVE gone to :)

Awesome! Thanks so much! If you could shoot me an email I can send you the questions.