An Ode to My Mother

Yes, yesterday was Mother's Day, but my mom was traveling, so I figured I would write this to her when she would see it. Probably one of the last things that any mother wants to hear is that her daughter is moving across an ocean and is doubtful that she will ever return. Which is what my mother had to deal with when I moved to The Netherlands in October. That being said, she has been amazingly supportive! We have always been incredibly close, but I think moving away from home might have made is even closer. I am so lucky to have her in my life! 

Mom and me at my going away party! Look at the amazing cake!

Me, Nana, Mom, and my Godson Logan

Love you Mom! 





Thank you Kaitlin,
I always knew I wanted a child. I never knew that I could love anyone as much as I love you. It is the oddest thing to think of you as my tiny baby and my best friend all at the same time. I was told by a shaman that your soul is older than mine, and that I would learn from you. He is right, I learned the ways of a mother tiger protecting her young, I learned the bravery of a mother bird watching her fledling leave the nest without a safety net and I learned to believe in happily ever after again.

Aw, I'm just now seeing this. I don't know what made me more emotional; Kaitlin's post or Susan's reply. You guys are so fortunate to have such a strong bond despite the distance.
BTW - I love the pic of Susan in the market with the flowers in the pink hat. So cute!